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AstroloBey: Which Sign Matches Best With Mine (zine)

Based off the lyrical content of Beyoncé's song Signs (featuring Missy Elliot), we explore what Bey has to say about each of the zodiac signs, plus a playful and witty description written by Jaysen Paulson Hawthorne about the sex-ability and date-ability of each sign. Also, two songs from Beyoncé's extensive catalogue are used to illustrate the archetype of each zodiac sign. Two Beyoncé illustrations for each sign. Beyoncé's chart details are included. Suggested instructions for use at beginning.

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Upcoming published works:

Astro-Herbalism book, working title 'Plants & Planets', co-authored with Jen Gouvea. Published through Urania Press. Expected Winter 2018.

Cultural Ancestors: Astrology Super Stars zine. An examination of influential astrologers in our history. Now with 100% more women! Expected Spring 2018.

Energetic Hygiene for Us Sensitive Bitches mini-book. Real tools for astrologers, healers, watery clients and us sensitive types. Expected Summer 2018.