Jaysen Paulson Hawthorne is a practicing astrologer, herbalist, podcaster, blogger, health educator, food and wellness advocate, Voluntary Simplicity facilitator, community organizer, activist, speaker, teacher and student.

Jaysen grew up within a racially integrated family in Detroit, ventured out west to Arizona after high school and even lived in Sapporo, Japan but has enjoyed being in the wondrous Pacific Northwest since 2006.

Jaysen's hobbies include being a foodie, bicycle commuting, creative cooking, different cultures and ethnic foods, coffee, tea and cocktails, herbal medicine, healing modalities, spirituality, Astrology, knowledge, documentaries, languages and of course nature. JayP is involved with and believes strongly in food politics, local economies, conscious consumerism, the Voluntary Simplicity movement, Queer Astrology movement and DIY. Jaysen believes that he has never lived a day on this earth where he was not actively seeking a learning experience, an adventure, a conversation, another's personal truth, knowledge of any kind, spiritual enlightenment and universal understanding.

Previously in the professional world, Jaysen has been a retail manager, a restaurant manager and owner of a coffee cart. He has developed business plans and forecasting, taught cooking classes, lead training workshops and developed talent. He left it all to return to and pursue Astrology, Medicine and Healing.

Formal Education:

JP Hawthorne can also beat-box and is addicted to corn.

Astrological Curriculum Vitae 

Click here for Jaysen's Astrological CV (PDF)


  • Personal self-study 1995-present
  • Conferences, Lectures, Podcasts, Professional Organizations 2009-present
  • Judith Hill 2010-2014
  • Demetra George 2011-present
  • Andrea L. Gehrz 2012-present
  • Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences 2012-present
  • Rhea Wolf 2013-present
  • Portland School of Astrology 2013-present



  • Cosmophilia - founded consultation practice: 2011-present  
  • FindAnAstrologer.com - content editor, maintenance, community building: 2011-2016
  • Raven Dreams Productions - content editor and website maintenance for astrologers Steven Forrest, Erin Sullivan, Madeline Gerwick, Demetra George, Judith Hill, Terri Zee and more: 2011-2016
  • Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN) - recording secretary: 2013-present
  • Portland School of Astrology (PSA) - founder, director, administrator, instructor: 2013-present
  • Urania Press founder - director, administrator, publisher: 2019 expected


Projects and Productions

  • Cosmophilia podcast - creator, producer, 50 episodes with over 50,000 subscribers: 2011-2013
  • Portland School of Astrology (PSA) - founder, organizer, administrator, director: 2013-present
  • 1st, 2nd Symposium Astrologica: Teaching Event - co-creator, producer and organizer2014-2015
  • Portland School of Astrology Annual Conference Weekend - 
    • 1st Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine Conference co-creator, producer and organizer: 2014
    • Astro Diagnosis: Medical Astrology Conference creator, producer and organizer: 2015
    • Astro Throwback: Traditional Astrology Conference creator, producer and organizer: 2016
    • Astro Playground Embodiment Conference co-creator, co-producer and co-organizer: 2017
    • Queer Astrology Conference co-producer, co-organizer: 2018
  • ZEDTalks: zodiacal education and discovery Event - creator, producer, organizer of annual astrology-themed “TEDTalks” fundraising event: 2014-present
  • Canvas and the Cosmos at Portland Art Museum - creator, weekly public facilitator of astrology and art project2014-2017
  • Cosmophilia Astro-Herbal Plant Medicine Product Line - creator of planetary sprays, planetary tea formulas, planetary flower essences blends (producer only), wildcrafted herbal medicine elixirs: 2015-present
  • Astrological Detective - co-producer, engineer and occasional guest of long-running weekly podcast: 2016-present
  • Urania Press - founder, publisher: 2019 expected



  • Portland School of Astrology (PSA) - full-time instructor for quarterly term programming, online classes and multiple yearly cohorts of the 1st-Year program, 2nd-Year, and 3rd-Year programs: 2013-present
  • Institutions, Shops and Venues - Reed College, Portland Art Museum, Portland State UniversityCamas Public Library, SoHiTek Art Gallery, the Herb Shoppe, Fettle Botanic Supply, Be Space, Clary Sage Herbarium, Fly Awake Tea Garden, Seagrape Soap, Psychic Sister, Marriott Hotels, Inc.: 2013-present
  • 5th - 9th Portland Plant Medicine Gathering Conference - featured presenter: 2013-2017        
  • Oregon Astrological Association (OAA) - featured presenter: 2014   
  • 1st Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine Conference - featured presenter: 2014  
  • Portland Art Museum - weekly public facilitator of astrology and art project: 2014-2017
  • Astro Throwback: Traditional Astrology Conference - featured presenter: 2016
  • Astro Playground Embodiment Conference - featured presenter: 2017
  • 34th Annual Northwest Astrological Conference (NORWAC) - featured presenter: 2018



  • PDX Astro Social Meetup.com group - occasional support to local group: 2011-2015, 2018
  • Oregon Astrological Association (OAA) - positions have included secretary, media volunteer, media director, vice president: 2011-2016
  • Queer Astrology Conference - visioning and planning committees, sponsor: 2013-2016
  • Jen Gouvea Scholarship Committee Member - working to advance astrology, art, healing practices and education in minority and marginalized communities: 2015-present


WRITING, Illustration or Collaboration CREDITS

  • Cosmophilia blog - kosmo kitty, astro transits, herbalism, spirituality, playful pieces, Ascend-a-Scopes: 2011-present
  • Trulia.com - housing, money and investment horoscopes: 2015-2016
  • Portland State University - collaboration on a space-related art and story-telling experience under the vision of visual artist Renee Sills: 2016
  • AstroloBey - Astrology and Beyoncé educational zine: 2016
  • BioCosmophilia: The Confluence of Plants, Planets and People - book co-authored with Jen Gouvea: 2019 expected



  • Iron Powaqa Radio Podcast - with Gillian Cheyse: 2012
  • Astrology Heals: Awaken the Soul of Your Work - tele-summit with Marina Ormes: 2013
  • Esoteric Voices Podcast - with Kent Bye: 2013
  • Nike - holiday party entertainment: 2015
  • Reed College - astrological lessons with incoming Freshman: 2016
  • Portland State University - space-related artist collaboration: 2016 
  • Beautiful Astrology Podcast - with Melanie Gurley: 2016
  • XRAY.fm 107.1 - Morning Radio Show hosted by Jefferson Smith: 2016
  • Marriott Hotels, Inc.: Eclipse-related event entertainment: 2017
  • Astrological Detective Podcast - with Andrea L. Gehrz: 2018
  • Blogs - Trulia.com, Astrology Thoughts, Planetary Apothecary, Witch’s Forge: 2012-present


If you are interested in having JP Hawthorne  speak or do an interview, please contact.  

Astrologically speaking, JayP is an Aries Sun, Taurus Moon, Virgo Rising, with North Node in Gemini. Constitutionally, he is sanguine-melancholic. Chart information available by request.