5/23 Constellation Celebration: Gemini Party

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gemini kosmo kitty copy.jpg

5/23 Constellation Celebration: Gemini Party

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Flutter 3948 North Mississippi Avenue

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Gemini Constellation Celebration

Are you a Gemini or close to one?

Are you hoping to cultivate Gemini energy in your life?

Do you want to better understand the Geminian archetype?

This month, we are honoring the sign of the Twins. We'll learn about the qualities of this sign with discussion, experiential and embodiment methods, creativity, fun, magical exercises, snacks, Beyoncé, gifts, and surprises through the lens of Gemini. Suitable for Gemini’s and non-Gemini’s, this class is about celebrating the season! Great for novice, beginners and even more advanced students in astrology. JayP and Iris will teach you how to cultivate helpful aspects of the curious, whimsical and multifaceted Geminian nature.

Join us for a monthly unique celebration about each sign--no two celebrations are the same!

Location: Flutter, 3948 North Mississippi Avenue

Price: Sliding Scale $26-$36 (paying the higher end helps Cosmophilia in its mission to give back to the community)

Date: May 23rd 6-8pm