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With my podcast and blog Cosmophilia, my work with FindAnAstrologer.com and serving for two years on the board of the Oregon Astrological Association, people were consistently asking me for suggestions on how or where to learn astrology that's inclusive, consecutive and structured. One thing became very clear to me: there is no easy way to learn astrology. After hearing the same struggle that even established astrologers had, I decided that something needed to be done to pass this knowledge down, to keep the principle of the practice moving through time, in a linear, structured and accessible way.

The Portland School of Astrology has a clear mission to bring Astrology to the lay-person and to empower that person with a well-rounded education, developing the student into a practitioner. With my professional work as a trainer and facilitator, I realized that we needed to teach astrology in a classroom format with an emphasis on different learning styles, as well as having a holistic model that includes music, visual art, somatic movement, food, journals, case study experientials, meditation, in conjunction with the standard lectures, powerpoints and instruction. We needed not only to intellectually understand Astrology, but we also needed to imbibe Astrology.

The Portland School of Astrology provides the structure, format and support that one cannot obtain simply by learning Astrology the conventional way: reading plenty of books, listening to podcasts, attending lectures of varying skill levels, having conversations on online forums and even online astrology programs. Portland School of Astrology teaches you everything from the ground up. PSA also introduces students to more advance thought and practice in the Field of Astrology such as Evolutionary Astrology, Business Astrology, Medical Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Esoteric Astrology, Astro*carto*graphy, Vedic Astrology, Astroseismology, Classical Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Biodynamics, and many more to help discover interest and foster talent of each student.

I am honored to be joined by Rhea Wolf, Andrea L. Gehrz, Jen Gouvea, Carol Ferris and many more! Please check our website for information about the school, program, faculty, mission and more at www.portlandastrology.org

Class Structures

Quarterly Term Schedule

These classes are open to the public and have a listing on them for the skill level desired to take the class. Usually they are a single class or a 4 or 6-week series.

We hold Quarterly Term Classes in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Please check the website for current listings.

Year-Long Programs

Our 1st and 2nd-Year Programs are an enrollment-based cohort that travels together throughout the year and builds on knowledge.

Our 1st-Year Program is titled Astro-Empowerment.

Our 2nd-Year Program is titled Intermediate Astrologer.

Conferences and Events

Fall Term

ZEDTalks an astrology-themed TED Talks appropriately titled Zodiacal Education and Discovery. A celebration of the Portland-astrological community and showcase on how people are using astrology in their work.

Winter Term

Medical Astrology conference

Spring Term

Symposium Astrologica Teaching Conference with the Oregon Astrological Association. A 2-Track workshops for the beginner and intermediate astrologer.

Mini-Reading Fair

Summer Term

Annual Picnic

Stargazing Party: an event with