April 27-Astrological Vitality: Herbal Remedies for Sun Signs (class)

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April 27-Astrological Vitality: Herbal Remedies for Sun Signs (class)

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Astrological Vitality - Herbal Remedies for Your Sun Sign

The Sun (or your "sun sign") represents our seasonal, earth-based vitality, encoded in our bodies. Understanding our solar needs is an easy way to begin to think about health from a cosmic perspective. In this lecture, we will explore the health conditions and possible manifestations of each Sun Sign and the remedies that can most assist us. Recommendations include herbal medicine, flower essences, exercises, behavior modifications and even essential oils. Learn more about AstroHerbalism with Jaysen Paulson Hawthorne of the Portland School of Astrology!

Level: 1-Novice, 2-Beginners

Subject: Health, Fundamentals of Astrology, Self Discovery Through Astrology, Medical/Physical Astrology

Date: April 27th, 7-9pm

Location: The Herb Shoppe Pharmacy, 3912 N. Mississippi Ave

Teacher: Jaysen Paulson Hawthorne

Payment: $25-$35 sliding scale. Purchase from this website/page.