at Cosmophilia, our goal is to reconnect people with what we've been taught to detach from--both earth and sky.


We offer a number of herbal and celestial crafted products as well as personal consultations, classes, blog posts, podcasts and publications. 


Let's do This

Let Astro light your path as we begin to understand the ways in which you are becoming. A variety of services offered to new and existing clients.

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With over two decades of study, nearly 10 years seeing clients and over 5 years teaching and writing, see JayP's extensive astro curriculum vitae.

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Learn Astrology

Are you interested in learning more about yourself and the tool of astrology? Why not go to school? We have a variety of ways to learn both locally and online!

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Explore your relationship with both earth and sky with Cosmophilia Astro-Herbal line. Including retail, zines and books. Wholesale available. 

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at Nike

at Reed College

at Travel Portland

at Eclectic Institute

on 107.1/91.1

at Marriott Hotels, Inc.

at Camas Public Library

at Multnomah Athletic Club

at Portland State University

at PSA Annual Conferences

at the Portland Art Museum

at Portland School of Astrology

at 34th Annual NORWAC (Northwest Astrological Conference)

at the Oregon Astrological Association

at the Portland Plant Medicine Conferences

In Pacific Northwest venues: Herb Shoppe, Clary Sage Herbarium, Seagrape Soap, Fettle Botanic Supply, Psychic Sister, SoHiTek Gallery, FlyAwake Tea Garden

...and many more places. See Experience.